Reic Template User Guide

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"Reic Template" is a based on the embeded template of blueish. The template now is suitable for LifeType 1.0.

How to customize the template?

  1. Modify the background images method:
    • Open:Open the 'reic.psd' file with Photoshop.
    • Change:Change whatever you want, such as for instance the background color.
    • Save:Go to File->Save For Web. Press Save when the dialog appears. Choose a place to save it.
    • Upload:Photoshop has now created a directory called 'images', where you saved the images. Upload this directory to the root of your WordPress installation, overwriting the files already there.
  2. Modify the reic.css to change the css style.

by reic

You can change the contents of this page by editing the about.template file.

The change log is described at changlog page.